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    I relax in places where it is hot
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  • They tell me I`m a scary cat| because I can hide in a witches hat

  • I`ve got a big tooth
    and a real silly smile
    just be my best friend
    and let`s play for a while

    I am smart and happy and bright pink
    The perfect pet for you| don`t you think?

    I am smart and happy and bright pink
    The perfect pet for you| don`t you think?

  • I love to play with any girl or boy
    As long as they throw me my favorite toy
    I run real fast and jump so high
    I`ll catch the ball every single try !

  • I look so sporty in red and black|
    But my favorite part is my spotted back !

  • Let your imagination explore
    An amazing land of mystical lore
    As long as you can wish and believe
    All of your dreams you`re bound to achieve !

  • Hopping along my joey and me
    Feeling footloose and so fancy free
    Won`t you come hop with us today ?
    Becasue we both just love to play !

  • Here`s a Morsel just for you
    A little tidbit that`s sweet| too
    So tempting that you can`t resist
    Don`t look now| but you`ve been kissed !

  • All the creatures big and small
    I can`t help but love them all
    In the forest or in the zoo
    Let`s go and see them| just us two !

  • There is no place I`d rather be
    Than swimming `round so fancy free
    Come join me in the pool right now
    If you can`t swim I`ll show you how !

  • Before I head out in the snow
    I make sure I`m ready to go
    Earmuffs in place so I keep warm
    In case there`s a big winter storm !

  • Other dogs may like some kibble
    Not me| I won`t even nibble
    So if you have some time to bake
    I`d really like a chocolate cake !

  • While I was helping mom and dad
    Something for which they were quite glad
    I took a little break| you see
    And someone decorated me !

  • We`ve wrapped our presents with great care
    Made cookies| cakes and treats to share
    Now the only thing we`ve left to do
    Is say| `Happy Holidays to you !`

  • I`ll sing a peppy| jazzy tune
    Outside under the big full moon
    You`ll hear the shouts from all my fans
    As they bang on their pots and pans !

  • Most every book that I embrace
    Will take me to a special place
    Tales of knights or ladies fair
    Pick up a book and join me there !

  • From east to west| from north to south
    Sping| summer| autumn| winter
    Beautiful country| Japan
    That is my daichi !

  • Just looking at the ears I wear
    You`d guess that I`m a springtime bear
    I help my pal with the cotton tail
    Delivering goodies without fail !

  • My dear| my partner| my best friend
    My love for you| it knows no end
    Forever you and I will be
    Together for eternity !

  • I`m looking for my favorite treat
    It`s something that is not too sweet
    A hint of salt and mustard| too
    I love pretzels; how `bout you ?

  • When the Scots dress to the hilt
    They will wear a tartan kilt
    But I don`t| it`s no surprise
    `Cause they don`t make one in my size !

  • I`ll fluff my hair and powder my nose
    And then I`ll stop and strike a pose
    I like to look my best each day
    I think it worked; what do you say ?

  • There`s an exceptional place
    In the form of a boot
    Where everything`s special and grand
    Come join us and be|
    By air and by sea|
    In this wonderful| magnificent land !