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    I`m a smart dog with really long ears
    They`ve been growing that way for many| many years.

    I`m a smart dog with really long ears
    They`ve been growing that way for many| many years.


  • I`m a smart dog| I can rollover and crawl
    And I will fetch when you throw the ball !

    I`m a smart dog| I can rollover and crawl
    And I will fetch when you throw the ball

    Play with me and fluff my hair
    I`ll sit very quietly on a chair !

  • My bright pink fur is very nice|
    I look fabulous when chasing mice !

  • I look so fancy in black and white
    My manners are good and I never fight
    I`m a high class dog that likes to play
    And I get to eat steak everyday !

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  • Just in case you didn`t know
    I love to play in ice and snow
    Skiing and skating can be fun
    To me sledding is number one !

  • I love the green leaves on the trees
    When flowers bloom and buzzing bees
    There`s so much beauty you can see
    Come take a nature walk with me !

  • While walking home with my best bud
    I got all splattered with some mud
    When I got home what did I see ?
    I had splotches all over me !

  • Just because I`m big and tough
    That doesn`t mean that I am gruff
    So please don`t think that I`m a brute
    Just look at me . . . aren`t I too cute ?!

  • Little blue bear
    Will win for certain
    The heart of people
    Who will love him tomorrow

  • Let`s raise the spirit of `66
    And show us all your football tricks
    Now everyone| let`s cheer out loud
    Come on England and make us proud !

  • I`m the king of pizzas
    Spaghetti and sauces
    Carry me with you
    Wherever you go and you`ll always enjoy

  • In the year of the World Cup I was born
    Exclusive for Europe I was chosen
    Football Bear is my name
    A guest with friends in Germany

  • Dear Grandma all the things you do
    Tell me how much I mean to you
    You`re kind and have a gentle touch
    Dear Grandma| I love you so much !

  • No matter where it is I go
    It seems that trouble will follow
    I just love a good prank| you see
    Even if the joke`s on me !

  • I think that I got a bad rap
    Just `cause I took a tiny scrap
    I`m sorry; it was a mistake
    Who knew they`d miss that t-bone steak !

  • Look at the night sky and you`ll see
    Stars shining back at you and me
    Each represents what used to be
    Thousands of Dragons roaming free !

  • Red above white| stars in a circle
    A nation grows; an island miracle
    A rising crescent| 40 years long
    As Singapore keeps going strong !

  • Each time I feel your warm embrace
    I know there`s nothing I can`t face
    Wrapped in your arms and holding tight
    When I`m with you things feel so right !

  • Who has a big| red| funny nose ?
    And floppy shoes upon his toes ?
    A squirting flower ? A spinning tie ?
    It`s a friendly clown| here to say| `HI` !

  • Take that computer off your knee
    That`s the place that I should be
    There couldn`t be a better fit
    Than a lap with a dog on it !

  • Mom`s kind| gentle and oh-so sweet
    Mom`s loving| caring and so neat
    We all love Mom| so let her know
    You are the best| I love you so !

  • Glitter adds some special style
    Pizazz that simply makes you smile
    Try it once and you will see
    How fun it is to be sparkly !

  • GINN/Army Racing
    CHECKERED FLAG: Martin has 12 top 5 finishes in points and has twice finished second !
    HORSEPOWER: Mark began his racing career in the short dirt tracks in his home state of Arkansas !

  • California State Flag Adopted 1911
    STATE MOTTO: `Eureka: (I have found it)
    ACHIEVED STATEHOOD: September 9| 1850
    CAPITOL CITY: Sacramento
    STATE FLOWER: California Poppy
    NICKNAME: Golden State
    FACT: Death Valley| California is 282 feet below sea level !