the koala bear

Hiding high up in a tree
Hoping no one will find me
Some peace and quiet I have found
Ahhh, yes . . . I cannot hear a sound !

BIRTH DATE : 07/10/2008


the dog

I just want to jump and play
But I will NEVER run away
I love my house, it's big and white
And I can roam all day and night !

BIRTH DATE : 10/11/2008


the dog

Ruff and tumble, yup that's me
'Cause wht you get is what you see
We'll run and play in mud and dirt
But be careful we don't get hurt !

BIRTH DATE : 06/28/2008


the alligator

Any time of the day or night
I could surely go for a bite
Don't worry, you won't be my treat
It's veggies that I love to eat !

BIRTH DATE : 07/01/2008


the dolphin

As I sail through the ocean blue
I'll run across a friend or two
They'll wave fins to say hi to me
Proving the sea's the place to be !

BIRTH DATE : 07/30/2007


the bear

Colored eggs in bright, bold hues
Candy treats you can't refuse
Spending time with family
That's why I love Easter, you see !

BIRTH DATE : 03/23/2008


the dog

Running, jumping, playing ball
In the spring, winter or fall
No matter what or where or when
Let's play a game, then play again !

BIRTH DATE : 07/12/2007


the bear

With all my heart it's plain too see
I love this land where I am free
And no matter where I roam
The USA will be my home !


the chicken

There is one joke I always hear
I hope to make this one thing clear
I crossed the road so I could meet
Someone like you that's super sweet !

BIRTH DATE : 09/30/2008


the monkey

Swinging about from tree to tree
So happy I will squeal with glee
There are such fun times to be had
When you live in a Jungle pad !

BIRTH DATE : 08/21/2008


the 2008 donkey

If Beanies were allowed to vote
Guess who I would choose to promote
If you take a good look at me
You'll know just who my choice would be !

BIRTH DATE : 11/04/2008

Love to Mom

the bear

For all the things you teach and show
Like how to laugh and love and grow
I've learned so much from you, it's true
You have my thanks and my love, too !

BIRTH DATE : 05/11/2008


the bear

Today must be my lucky day
"Why is that ?" you might just say
What makes it so special to me ?
It's that you brought me home, you see !

BIRTH DATE : 03/17/2008


the lion

Some say I'm a sight to behold
With both my mane and coat of gold
And I know how to calmly sneak
That's why I'm good at hide-and-seek !

BIRTH DATE : 06/23/2008


the tiger

First you see me, then I'm gone
Running fast from dusk 'til dawn
I'll start off slow; jog left and right
Then like a flash I'm outta sight !

BIRTH DATE : 06/01/2008


the Father's Day gorilla

You always seem so big and strong
And you teach us what's right and wrong
You look at me with such pride, too
Pops, you love me and I love you !

BIRTH DATE : 06/15/2008


the raccoon

I venture out when night falls,
Through the garden and over walls.
I sneak around masked in black,
Just looking for a little snack !

BIRTH DATE : 01/15/2008


the 2008 elephant

If Beanies were allowed to vote
Guess who I would choose to promote
It surely won't be shocking news
To find out who it is I'll choose !

BIRTH DATE : 11/04/2008



the horse

Saddle me up so we can ride
We'll canter across the countryside
Then we can head back to the corral
Another great day with you, my pal !

BIRTH DATE : 07/17/2007


the cat

Please don't believe all that you hear
When there's a black cat lurking near
7 years bad luck, it's not true
We're out looking for friends like you !

BIRTH DATE : 10/31/2007


the graduation bear

Reading, writing, studying too
All that hard work paid off for you
You've prepared for this great date
It's time for you to graduate !


the skunk

I just cannot help but think
That everyone believes I stink
But I am here to proudly say
I shower each and every day !

BIRTH DATE : 03/11/2008


the pig

With a nose as big as mine
You'd be surprised at what I find
I'll sniff out food and flowers, too
I'll even sniff out friends like you !

BIRTH DATE : 03/30/2008


the flamingo

With these spindly legs of mine
A bird like me can really shine
I'll do my best just to impress
And do the splits with such finesse !

BIRTH DATE : 05/17/2008


the dog

I'm proud to guard my family
And I take my job seriously
I don't need treats or an award
Their hugs and love is my reward !

BIRTH DATE : 09/18/2007


the beaver

No one knows better than me
Just how to find the perfect tree
You can help and when we're done
We'll go home for holiday fun !

BIRTH DATE : 12/03/2007