JIPS - black/purple med

KINK - med

KINK - pink clip

KINK - pink large

KINK - pink reg
I really love the color pink
That's why everyone calls me Kink

BIRTH DATE : 04/05/2015

LOLA - med

LOLA - purple clip

LOLA - purple large

LOLA - purple reg
Give me a big hug ,and you'll soon see
that I'm as lovable as can be

BIRTH DATE : 01/15/2015

MOPS - blue large

PLOPSY - orange reg
I know I look wild'N'crazy
but don't you try to run
just pick me up and hold me tight
and we'll have lots of fun.

BIRTH DATE : 11/21/2015

SCOOPS - green clip

SCOOPS - green large

SCOOPS - green reg
I hide in the grass
and lay close to the ground
but with my green hair
I can never be found

BIRTH DATE : 07/14/2015

SCOOPS - med

TANG - clip

TANG - med

TANG - orange large

TANG - orange reg
They call me TANG
And on the drums I bang
Music makes me groove
Watch me bust a move

BIRTH DATE : 04/20/2015

ZEEZEE - clip

ZEEZEE - med

ZEEZEE - pink reg
You can?t catch me
You can only stare
At my frizzy wild hair

BIRTH DATE : 05/15/2015

ZINGER - brown clip

ZINGER - brown large

ZINGER - brown reg
I love my messy, frizzy hair
Just try and comb it? if you dare.

BIRTH DATE : 09/03/2015

ZINGER - med

ZWIPPY - clip

ZWIPPY - med

ZWIPPY - purple large

ZWIPPY - purple reg
I have a secret just for you ?Sometimes I?m pink
And sometimes I?m blue.

BIRTH DATE : 02/21/2015