CHIMPS - monkey

the monkey

I love to jump
In big tall trees
But I never fall
And hurt my knees

JESSE - giraffe
I really love peaches
They`re my favorite treat
They feel kinda fuzzy
But they`re juicy and sweet !

LANCE - multicolor leopard med

MILLY - owl
I sleep in a hole
in a great big oak tree
And I fly in the sky
To feel happy and free

OMAR - white owl med

PENNI - penguin

the penguin

I'm black and white
My eyes are blue
If you love me
Then I'll love you

POO - panda
I`m a very cute panda
I`m all black and white
So please pick me up
And hold me real tight !

PUPS - dog

the dog

I'm a lot of fun
I always play
I never sleep
I'm up all day

SCOUT - husky
My fluffy thick fur
Keeps me cozy and warm
Even when I am out
In a cold winter storm !

SLY - fox
In the dark woods
I love to play
But when the sun shines
It`s brigher than day

TRIXI - leopard
Some people say
I have lots of spots
But if you look closely
They`re just pretty dots !

UNI - unicorn

the unicorn

My spots are pink
My horn is gold
I'm really cute
That's what I'm told

ZELDA - dog
My fur is curly and
short and brown
And it never looks messy
when I jump up and down !